May 26, 2022
Bing Predicts 2017 NBA playoff brackets

Bing Predicts 2017 NBA Playoffs Brackets Released

The Bing Predicts 2017 NBA playoffs brackets debuts to help fans create their own brackets leading up to this weekend’s upcoming hoops excitement…

With the first 2017 NBA playoff games starting this weekend, Bing Predicts released its brackets to assist fans in making their picks. Tomorrow, the Pacers will face off against the Cavaliers, with the Grizzlies playing the Spurs. While the Bucks take on the Raptors and the Jazz go against the Clippers.

Bing Predicts 2017 NBA Playoff Brackets Revealed

Bing Predicts works in two stages. It begins with a traditional statistical model, incorporating wins and losses, margins of victory, home and away records, player composition, as well as several other factors. Then, the team add web and social signals to capture what it calls the “wisdom of the crowd.” All combined, this improves its accuracy.

“With thirty teams, 1,230 regular season games, and one Russell Westbrook who just broke the season triple-double record behind us, the playoffs are sure to be a treat for hoops fans. One team will reign supreme; those who can’t wait until June to find out which one can take a sneak peek at the Bing Predicts NBA Playoffs bracket,” the Bing Team explains.

Bing 2017 NBA playoff schedule

Bing Predicts the Cleveland Cavaliers will meet Golden State in the NBA Finals for the third consecutive year. Bing Predicts states Golden State wins with a 4 to 1 series count to again gain the title.

Bing 2017 NBA playoff schedule
Credit: Bing

Bing launched a March Madness bracket builder in March. Also, Bing Predicts went 5 – 3 in the last NFL postseason.

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