July 3, 2022
Bing search results bots

Bing Search Results Bots Integration Speculation Heats Up

Bing search results bots appear eminent, according to multiple sources and users, as well as the official Microsoft developer conference schedule for May…

Anonymous sources tell several news outlets that a Bing search results bots launch will happen. On the official calendar is a session titled, “Chatbots on Bing.com,” which occurs at the May Microsoft developer conference Wednesday through Friday. 

Bing Search Results Bots Integration on the Horizon

The Bing Team has long worked on different technologies. Now, it appears the search engine will place bots right on its home page. But, developers will also have access to the Bot Framework to create their own. The session itself is described as, “Learn how chatbots enhance the Bing experience and how you can add your custom bots to Bing.com.”

Bing search results bots screenshot
Credit: VentureBeat

According to MSPoweruser, bots will appear at the bottom of the screen, similar to Facebook Messenger. Last month, hints about the integration occurred when Bing users in the Seattle area started seeing bots on the SERP or search engine results page for local restaurants. At the time, news organizations reached out to Bing but the search engine declined to comment.

The chatbots work through the Microsoft Skype platform. That service released bots several months ago. One bot under current testing is the InfoBot. When Bing users search with a question, InfoBot displays a button under a featured answer. Microsoft is also testing a number of other bots to help people find movie times, nearby restaurants, and more.

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