November 29, 2020
Bing SERP peak restaurant traffic times

Bing SERP Peak Restaurant Traffic Times go Live

Bing SERP peak restaurant traffic times are here for users to help plan meals, make reservations, and other helpful functions for every day of the week…

Microsoft recently introduced a new restaurant carousel on its Bing search engine results page. By searching “restaurants near me” or “restaurants in (your location),” the SERP displays an image carousel with a wealth of information. By clicking on the drop down menu, filters allow users to search for their ideal eatery.

Bing SERP Peak Restaurant Traffic Times now Available

The new Bing SERP restaurant carousel includes images, Yelp review ratings, price range, fare, and city. Under the restaurant carousel, are a left column organic search results, accompanied by a map in the right column, along with Related searches. 

Bing SERP peak restaurant traffic times example

The Related searches include links to Restaurants Near My Location, Restaurants by Zip Code, Food Near Me My Location, Take Out Food Near Me, and Steak Restaurants Near Me. Below this are search ads.

Tabs above the restaurant carousel allow Bing users to filter results by distance, cuisine, rating, price, open time, and features. Users can also see peak traffic times for each day of the week, something Google added to its SERP months ago (along with average time spent at a location). Bing partners with OpenTable and BookATable in some countries, giving users the ability to make reservations, according to MS Power User.

Back in November of last year, Bing started to display local business holiday hours. It appears Google and Bing are providing more real-time information to users, displaying peak times and live updates.

Depending on the region, users can order food by clicking the links on the search engine results page. It isn’t clear which countries/regions the feature is available.

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