August 6, 2022
Bing trademarks keyword restrictions

Bing Trademarks Keyword Restrictions being Removed Globally

Bing trademarks keyword restrictions will end effective March 27th worldwide, allowing marketers to use trademarks not owned by digital advertisers…

Search engine Bing has announced it will no longer place restrictions on trademarks for keywords for advertising. “With this change, the restriction on the use of trademarks as keywords will be removed, bringing both global and industry alignment to our enforcement of trademarks,” Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo, Program Manager of Search Demand Policy wrote.

Bing Trademarks Keyword Restrictions Ending Soon

Previously, Bing restricted the use of trademarks as keywords in Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. As of March 27th, that practice will end. However, the search engine will continue to enforce its policies regarding trademarks in ad copy. 

One example the company gives is the, “…fair use of a trademark in ad copy will continue to be allowed for resellers of an authentic good or service, informational websites (such as product reviews), the ordinary dictionary use of a term, or comparative advertising (when supported by independent research).”

This change will make cross-market alignment less manually demanding. Advertisers can simply transfer campaigns from one search engine to another without re-optimizing the content. Bing states the change in policy will benefit consumers as searches for trademarks will return more results. Also, the lifting of the restrictions will allow marketers to bid on competitors’ trademarks for improved campaign results.

In 2016, Bing Ads’ Quality team blocked 130 million ads for practices violating the company’s guidelines. The search engine has also agreed to crack down on piracy search results listings in the United Kingdom.

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