January 12, 2022
Bing Wallpapers app

Bing Releasing its Own Wallpapers App with Daily Background Updates

Bing is putting out a new mobile application that provides sensational backgrounds, the Wallpapers app, which comes with new images daily…

Though Microsoft isn’t by any means dominating the search engine market (as it does in the world of software), its internet home page remains one of the most praised aspects of the company’s digital presence. In fact, the home page of Bing is so popular for its beautiful and interesting backgrounds, it’s amassed a dedicated following. But, there’s been no good way to get those backgrounds onto mobile devices — until now.

Bing Wallpapers App Debuts with Daily Background Updates

Microsoft is releasing the new Bing Wallpapers app. It’s named for what it does. The mobile application includes mounds of content, with great-looking scenes from all around the world. Users can select which one they like or opt to go automatic, which updates on its own with the featured image of that day.

Diving into Settings inside the menu reveals a number of other choices, including the ability to filter by category, primary color, as well as country of origin. Tapping on any image triggers an info block, which provides details about the media. It also lets users share with others or set one as a background.

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