September 20, 2022
nearly 7 percent of dual Disney Plus and Netflix subscribers will cancel their Netflix accounts

Bank of America: Nearly 7 Percent of Dual Disney+ and Netflix Subscribers will Cancel their Netflix Accounts

Almost 7 percent of simultaneous Netflix and Disney Plus subscribers plan to cancel their Netflix accounts, according to a new BoA poll…

A small but significant portion of dual Netflix-Disney Plus subscribers plan to ditch their Netflix accounts, according to a new study by Bank of America.

BoA Survey Reveals nearly 7 Percent of Disney Plus Customers will Cancel their Netflix Subscriptions

A recent survey of more than 1,000 Americans reveals that 6.5 percent of respondents paying for both streaming services plan to terminate their Netflix subscriptions.

It’s enough to cause a modicum of concern for Netflix, which has the largest subscription base of video streamers. But, it’s also not entirely likely to come to fruition. Analysts Nat Schindler and Justin Post expressed their doubts about the respondents actually following through:

“We are skeptical that much of this churn is incremental or will be realized, with Bloomberg reporting Netflix had seen no increase in cancellations on 11/22, 10 days after the Disney+ launch.”

Additionally, prior polls have found similar responses. In fact, overall cancellation intentions for Netflix decreased from 5 percent to 4 percent. Plus, 65 percent of participants said Disney+ was not a good substitute for Netflix, with only 33 percent disagreeing.

Right now, Disney+ offers about 800 titles in its streaming catalog. That’s certainly a lot, but it’s a fraction compared to Netflix’s prowess, with 5,800 unique titles alone. Netflix also boasts 3,900 movies and 1,800 television titles.

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