November 7, 2022
Updates for Samsung app

Google Pulls Sham ‘Updates for Samsung’ App from Its Play Store

A scam “Updates for Samsung” mobile app, which touted providing system-level Android upgrades, has been removed from the Google Play Store…

Last week, a report from CSIS Security Group prompted different publications to take a look at a deceptive app called “Updates for Samsung,” on the Google Play Store. Now, it’s gone, and Google has stated it “suspended” the app for violating its policies.

Bogus Updates for Samsung App Pulled from Google Play Store

Although Google hasn’t specified which rules the app broke, the developer, Updato, maintains it pulled the app to “remove the firmware service portion and non Google payments,” to BleepingComputer.

As many familiar with the mobile world know full-well, there’s no way to update Android versions through third-parties. Google releases the newest version, which manufactures install and carriers customize (to a degree). This is why it takes so long for the latest iteration to get to end-users.

The Updates for Samsung app did redistribute Samsung’s proprietary software but it also deceived consumers to pay money for otherwise free updates.

The mobile application has more than 10 million downloads, according to the Play Store counter. Although, this does not mean 10 million people were ripped off. This figure only represents an approximate number of downloads.

What’s more strange is the app claimed a nearly four-star rating. (Which could mean it was likewise obfuscating the Google Play Store’s analytics.)

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