August 3, 2022

Branded GIF Data Reveals Interesting Consumer Behavior

Branded GIF data provides some amazing consumer behavior insights in an age where internet culture is preferred to watching legacy TV commercials…

Brands across many industries are digging into GIF data to find what drives some consumer behaviors. A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format, are far more than just popular looping video on social media. Marketers want to know how and why consumers use GIFs as a form of communication to better advertising efforts. 

Branded GIF Data Provides Inside Look into Consumer Behavior

Aside from digital ad spending, organic consumer behavior has its own marketing prowess. Tenor, the creator of GIF Keyboard, supplied search data on four brands: Domino’s Pizza, Netflix, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks.

“It’s giving us a whole new toolset that allows us to get into internet culture where people don’t want to watch commercials,” explains Dean McBeth, head of integrated strategy at CP+B, which handles social and digital work for Domino’s.


That data shows interesting consumer behaviors. For instance, Netflix subscribers searched the GIF Keyboard for the query “sad” 6 million times per month. Coca-Cola drinkers searched “dance” 12.9 million times per month. Starbucks customers searched “happy” 8 million times per month. While Domino’s customers searched “goodnight” 8 million times per month.

“GIFs are becoming a more popular way for people to express their emotions and talk to their friends—they also allow us to share stories with our fans in their voice,” Peter Callaro, group director of the social center for Coca-Cola North America, told Adweek.

The bottom line is marketers can learn much about consumers they target by understanding how GIFs are chosen and why they are shared on social media so frequently.

GIFs are so popular that WhatsApp Google Gboard recently added support for the animations on the mobile app.

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