November 12, 2022
Brave browser claims nearly 9 million monthly users

Brave Browser Says it Now has Almost 9 Million Monthly User, about 14 Percent of them Earning as Much as $10 in Ad Revenue-Sharing

Privacy-centric Brave browser says it has 8.7 million monthly users, with approximately 14 percent earning up to $10 per month in ad revenue-sharing…

Nearly four years after its inaugural release, privacy-focused Brave web browser claims to have 8.7 million monthly users. It’s also the first official open release, with version 1.0, following extensive beta testing.

Brave Browser Claims Nearly 9 Million Monthly Users, with 14 Percent Earning as much as $10 Per Month in Ad Revenue-Sharing

The Brave browser is now available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, as well as Linux. Now, iPhone and iPad owners can also enroll in the company’s Brave Rewards program — an ad revenue sharing option.

For those unfamiliar, Brave Rewards is a feature the company first introduced earlier in the year. When members click on pre-package ads, they receive a 70 percent cut of ad revenue through what’s known as Basic Attention Tokens.

About 14 percent of Brave users already click through the browser’s private ads, earning between $7 to $10 per month. For comparison, the average click-through rate for Google AdWords is approximately 2 percent.

The Brave browser user base is split, nearly right in two, with about half using the desktop version and the other half using mobile. Meanwhile, Google Chrome still leads by far, with 1 billion users as of 2016.

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