June 22, 2022
broken backup between Android and Google Drive

Some Android Users Continue to Experience Google Drive Backup Issues for Months, with No Fix In Sight

A months’ long issue with Android devices not syncing and backing up with Google Drive continues to plague phone owners without a fix…

Google has made some good strides in its ability to sync and backup between the cloud and Android. However, the synergy isn’t always problem-free. For the past few months, some Android users have experienced failed Drive backups on their mobile devices.

Broken Android-Google Drive Backup Issue Continues for Months without a Fix

Affected Android phone owners have reported the issue on social media, forums, and other places. Regardless, the problem persists.

It’s happening on many devices and across different versions of Android, including Android Pie and Android 10 on Pixel, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, and even Huawei.

The failed backup between Android and Google Drive plagues users, regardless of settings. It’s impacting both automatic and manual backups. One such example is to temporarily disable the lock-screen and check to see if the backups resume.

Although some clever users have found temporary workarounds, the overall problem remains.

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