January 27, 2022
Google Chrome ad-blocker

Built-In Google Chrome Ad-Blocker Planned

A built-in Google Chrome ad-blocker is currently in the works, to provide better user experience on desktop and mobile devices, according to news reports…

Tech parent company Alphabet is currently working to introduce a new Google Chrome ad-blocker for its desktop and mobile browsers, the Wall Street Journal reports

Built-In Desktop, Mobile Google Chrome Ad-Blocker under Development

The planned ad-blocking feature will enable by default, to improve UX or user experience as people surf the web. The company continues to iron out details about the tool and ostensibly plans to announce the feature within weeks.

The Google Chrome browser dominates browser market share, with about 58 percent. All other browsers, remain under 19 percent or in the single digits. Although the company benefits financially from ads, it does not control third-party applications. Recently, the search giant began quietly removing many third-party ad-blockers from the Google Play store.

The Google Chrome ad-blocker would not filter out all adverts. It would only apply to ads which do not comply with the list of standards by the Coalition for Better Ads. Currently, about 26 percent of desktops contain some type of ad-blocking software. With this feature, Google will stymie that figure, ensuring it doesn’t grow larger.

Additionally, this provides a way to deal with premium services, like Adblock Plus, which offer programs allowing companies to enter pay-for-play agreement. (Google currently pays for this privilege.) There is no official word if the Google Chrome ad-blocker will come to the browser or if the search giant will abandon the initiative.

The company is currently releasing a phishing attack patch to make its browser more secure.

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