September 23, 2020
Byte creator ad revenue sharing

Byte, Successor to Defunct Vine by Twitter, will Offer a Creator Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Byte, the replacement for 6-second short form video app, has revealed it will institute a creator partnership program to share ad revenue with creators…

Vine successor Byte is revealing more of how it will operate and what it has in store to lure creators to its platform. In order to attract talent, the company will launch a partnership program, paying creators through an ad revenue sharing model.

Byte Creator Ad Revenue Sharing Program to Help Attract and Retain Talent

First hitting the internet in June of 2012, Vine quickly became a buzz-worthy sensation. Social microblog Twitter acquired the service in October the same year before its public launch.

It gained over 200 million users by late 2015 and in October of 2016, Twitter announced it would disable uploads. Twitter later shut Vine down in January of 2017. But now, it’s back.

And, its successor, Byte, has announced its plans for a partnership program, to share ad revenue with creators:

“Today we’re sharing initial details on our Partner Program.

Before we do, we want to thank you all for a memorable launch and first week. We’ve been loving the posts we’ve seen so far and are excited to get new features into the app and in your hands.

Onto the Partner Program details… As we said in our launch tweet 24, byte celebrates creativity and community. Supporting our creators is one hugely important way we can do our part to help both thrive.

Being accepted into the Partner Program comes with some pretty great benefits:

      • Monetization: Participate in revenue share and get compensated for your bytes.
      • Direct contact: Text or email us to chat about anything creator-related you’re thinking about.
      • Experimental features: Get access to features we’re testing and considering introducing. We’ll seek your feedback as well.
      • Opportunities: Meet & greets, byte apparel, etc.

And more on the way!”

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