November 4, 2022
CafePress data breach

CafePress Suffers Data Breach, Resets Passwords — but Months After the Fact

CafePress is asking its customers to login and change their passwords, months after the company suffered a massive data breach…

Popular tee-shirt retailer CafePress is requesting its customers change their passwords as part of an updated “password policy,” but months after the company suffered a huge data breach.

CafePress Data Breach Fix includes Reseting Passwords

Although CafePress is taking new security measure, it’s only doing so a considerable time after the fact. The website joins a long list of corporations which have been compromised.

The news comes on the heels of several reports submitted to the site Have I Been Pwned, which ostensibly includes more than 23.2 million affected accounts. Information exposed by the data breach includes email addresses, names, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

Additionally, approximately 77 percent of impacted email addresses have likewise shown up in previous HIBP breach alerts.

At this time, it’s unknown when CafePress first learned of the compromise, if the site is doing anything else to prevent future incidents, and other critical details.

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