October 23, 2021
Capital One data breach

Capital One Reveals Massive Personal Data Breach, Affecting 106 Million Customers

Capital One revealed last night its company was exposed to a huge data breach, affecting as many as 106 million credit card applicants…

Add Capital One to the growing list of international corporations who’ve experienced a breach in their security systems. Last night, the US-based bank announced it suffered a hacker attack, identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Paige Thompson, of Seattle.

Capital One Reveals Massive Personal Data Breach, Affecting 106 Million Customers

The breach compromised the private information of approximately 106 million credit card applicants. Data included names, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth. Additionally, 140,000 social security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and about 1 million Canadian social insurance numbers were stolen.

However, Capital One states no actual customer credit card numbers or user login details were part of the compromise. Although, the hacker did manage to access credit scores, credit limits, balances, as well as payment histories.

Apparently, Thompson gained unauthorized access between March 22nd and 23rd. She allegedly bypassed a misconfigured firewall to steal said data. Then, on April 21st, Thompson allegedly posted the information to GitHub, which also contained her full name and resume. Capital One estimates the incident will cost between $100 million and $150 million this year. The company states it is notifying victims:

“We will notify affected individuals through a variety of channels. We will make free credit monitoring and identity protection available to everyone affected.”