October 23, 2021
RCS security vulnerabilities

Wireless Carriers are Exposing Customers to Text and Call Interception with Sloppy RCS Adoption

Security researchers have discovered flaws with the implementation of the SMS replacement, RCS, including text and call interception…

The replacement for SMS or standard text, known as Rich Communication Services or RCS, is already causing problems for carriers. Security researchers warn carriers implementing the technology are doing so in a way that it leaves wireless customers open to malicious behaviors, such as spoofed numbers, pinpoint GPS locations, as well as text and call interception.

Carriers Creating Serious Vulnerabilities with Flawed RCS Implementation

The trouble isn’t with the established standards for integrating RCS. But rather, moving onto new communication protocols without improvements in security, according to SRLabs, a security research firm.

The GSM Association, which defines the RCS standards, said it’s aware of the research made by SRLabs. And, the specific vulnerabilities were “previously known.” The spokesperson also added:

“We are grateful to the researchers for allowing the industry the opportunity to consider their findings. The GSMA welcomes any research that enhances the security and user confidence of mobile services and encourages all researchers to submit their work to our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) Programme which enables them to share findings and to contribute to industry’s ongoing work to drive security improvements.”

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