April 28, 2021
Cartoonizer AI Transforms Photos and Videos into Cartoons

This Quirky AI will Turn Pics and Videos into Fun Cartoons

There’s a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform photos and videos into whimsical cartoons with just a few clicks…

Just when it seems like no one could use advanced technology to do something that puts a new spin on old tricks, we’re surprised when hits the scene. Speaking of scenes, there’s now an AI tool that takes old pictures and videos and then magically morphs them into fun cartoons.

Cartoonizer AI Transforms Photos and Videos into Cartoons

It’s called Cartoonizer and it’s the creation of developers Tejas Mahajan and Niraj Pandkar. The site itself is based on a research paper by University of Tokyo researchers Xinrui Wang and Jinze Yu. It uses open-source tools, along with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to make the video component and CPUs (central processing units) for the images.

While this certainly isn’t altogether new, it’s finished product is very impressive (check out the cartoon version of the bar scene from Marvel’s Avengers below). Mahajan and Pandkar say that it could be used to create quick animations for a number of applications, including animes, cartoons, games, and even art.

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