August 5, 2022
Reddit website redesign

Reddit Might Clone the Facebook Feed Soon with an Upcoming Website Redesign

CEO Steve Huffman just announced a Reddit website redesign, after the company raised $200 million, increasing its value to $1.8 billion…

Reddit disclosed it raised $200 million, upping its valuation to an astonishing $1.8 billion. In the wake of that success, the company’s CEO, Steve Huffman, announced an upcoming website redesign because the site has “…a lot of perception debt.” In other words, the company feels it’s time for an overhaul.

Reddit could Look Like the Facebook Feed Soon as it Announces a Website Redesign

In a recent interview with Recode, Huffman explains the platform still employs decades-old code. And, the company has publicly talked about jettisoning its CSS styling, plus the site will foray into user video uploads. (The company introduced the video upload option in beta earlier this year.)

The vision Huffman laid out is an early version of the new design, which heavily takes much from the Facebook News Feed. The CEO also said the site just looks too outdated. “Reddit feels old. We don’t want to be associated with old.” So, the new site is likely to mimic Facebook.¬†

With this latest cash infusion, Reddit intends to grow from 140 full-time employees to about 300. Reddit already calls itself the “front page of the internet” and this announcement shows the company understands it needs to keep current.

The website redesign will only apply to its desktop platform. Huffman explained the reason for this is because 80 percent of its users visit the desktop page, rather than mobile. Currently though, while just 20 percent of its users come from mobile, those make up 50 percent of the total time on site metric.

Reddit now claims 300 million users.

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