April 28, 2021
Chicago to Require Food Delivery App Price Itemization

Chicago to Soon Require Food Delivery Apps Provide Full Price Disclosures

The city of Chicago is about to be the first in the United States to mandate that food delivery apps make consumers fully aware of their true prices…

Food delivery services provide an ample amount of convenience. Companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats make people’s lives a bit easier by bringing meals right to their homes, businesses, and other locations. But, just how much that convenience costs is sometimes less than clear. That’s about to change, at least in the city of Chicago.

Chicago to Require Food Delivery App Price Itemization

In a first of new policy adoptions, the Windy City will mandate that food delivery organizations provide breakdowns of their services’ costs. For those who live in the city of Chicago, customers will soon see details, including how much the restaurant paid the delivery service, the menu price of each item, the cost of delivery, as well as any applicable taxes and gratuity.

Chicago will start enforcing the new rule on Friday, May 22nd, which means food delivery services have less than two weeks to make their apps compliant. Any entities that don’t follow the rules are subject to daily fines ranging from $500 to $10,000, a very steep price for non-compliance.

Obviously, said services aren’t happy with the new regulation. A Grubhub spokesperson tellsĀ NBC Chicago:

“We support policy and legislation that help restaurants serve their communities, and a path to reopening those businesses must be the focus. These arbitrary disclosure rules will do exactly the opposite of their intent by causing confusion to consumers.”

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