November 2, 2022
Chrome desktop beta 78 phone number sharing

Latest Beta Version of Chrome Desktop Lets Users Send Phone Numbers Right Over to Their Phones

The most recent release of the desktop Chrome browser, version 78, comes with a neat feature, which allows users to quickly send numbers to their phones…

Google just made it possible to send links between a desktop computer and a phone. Now, the tech giant is testing a similar function. With Chrome beta version 78, users can click on a hyperlinked phone number on desktop and send it directly to a phone.

Chrome Beta Desktop Version 78 Lets Users Send Phone Numbers Directly to Their Phones

The new Chrome desktop phone number sharing option is super easy to use. Just right-click on a linked phone number and select from a drop down list.

It’s already live by default. But, anyone who doesn’t see it immediately can go copy and paste: chrome://flags/#click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text into the Chrome address bar. Then, turn on “Enable click to call feature on desktop when a phone number is selected.”

The team over at Android Police have tested the option, which works with Android 9 and 10. However, it’s unknown if it works with previous versions of the mobile OS.

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