January 12, 2022
Chrome browser market share

Chrome Browser Market Share Domination over Microsoft, Firefox, Safari Continues

The Google Chrome browser market share continues to beat out its competition, with Internet Explorer losing more user base, while others grow slightly…

The popular Google web browser, Chrome, wins another month in a long run over its rivals. Back in January, Chrome market share outperformed all others combined by 12.87 percent. At that time, Chrome market share rose to 56.43 percent, while Edge captured just 5.33 percent, Safari claimed 3.47 percent, and Opera, 1.33 percent.

Chrome Browser Market Share Domination over Competitors Microsoft, Firefox, and Safari Continues

During February, legacy web browsers limped along, with only 27 percent of Windows users surfing with Microsoft products. However, Chrome grew again, rising to 57.94 percent market share. Meanwhile, Safari fell slightly to 3.45 percent, with IE dropping from 19.71 percent to 19.17 percent. Firefox declined from 11.77 percent to 11.68 percent.

Now, Google Chrome claims 59.36 percent market share during May, according to the latest data collected by NetMarketShare.com. Additionally, desktop market share for Chrome dropped slightly, from 63.45 percent to 63.35 during May, according to StatCounter.

web browser market share

In April, Chrome hit 59 percent, with IE capturing 18.40 percent, Firefox rising to 11.80 percent, Edge performing at 5.62 percent, with Safari at 3.44 percent, and all others rising to 1.75 percent.

But, during the month of May, Chrome increased to 59.36 percent, IE fell to 17.55 percent, Firefox rose to 11.98 percent, Edge gained to reach 5.63 percent, Safari rose to 3.56 percent, with the remaining hitting 1.91 percent.

By comparison, Google Chrome claimed a market share of 50.95 percent in July 2016, at the same time, Internet Explorer had 29.6 percent. In December 2016, those figures were 56.43 percent and 20.84 percent, respectively. The only other browser demonstrating moderate growth or maintaining its position is Firefox. But its highest market share in recent months occurred in December 2016, hitting 12.22 percent.

NetMarketShare and StatCounter collect data from 20,000 and 2.5 million sites worldwide, respectively.

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