January 26, 2022
Chrome Netflix extension

Add this Chrome Extension to Auto-Skip Netflix Credits and Enjoy Several Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

This neat Google Chrome Netflix extension will make viewing more enjoyable by automatically skipping credits and by bringing other quick options…

Netflix offers all sorts of programming choices. And, the majority are high-quality titles. But, if there’s one shortcoming to any show, it’s having to manually skip-over intros and recaps.

Now, there’s a Chrome browser extension which provides a smoother transition into the actual content. First spotlighted by The Next Web, this handy tool, called Netflix Extended, makes viewing just all that more pleasurable.

This Chrome Extension Auto-Skips Netflix Credits and Brings Useful Keyboard Shortcuts with It

Not only does Netflix Extended auto-skip credits, it brings with it a slew of easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts, perfect for desktop and laptop viewing sessions, listed courtesy of BGR

  • N: Next episode (New feature)
  • B: Previous episode (New feature)
  • R: Start a random movie (New feature)
  • Up arrow: Volume up (Original feature)
  • Down arrow: Volume down (Original feature)
  • M: Mute/Unmute (Original feature)
  • Space/Enter: Play/Pause (Original feature)
  • Right arrow: Skip forward (Original feature)
  • Left arrow: Skip backward (Original feature)
  • F: Make video go full screen (Original feature)

Although impressive enough, that’s not all this extension does. There’s a feature which mutes home screen trailers. Plus, it can automatically pause what’s streaming when users switch to another tab. Additionally, Netflix Extended will reload stalled videos.

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