December 9, 2021
Chrome for Android Adding Check Passwords and Safety Check Security Features

Chrome for Android is Finally Getting these Much-Needed Security Features

Chrome for Android will gain two key security measures, previously only available on the desktop browser…

Google started to fully integrate different security features into its Chrome desktop browser back in December of last year. Then, Google began prompting users of the Password Checkup to uninstall the Chrome extension in July. Now, it’s bringing those tools to Chrome for Android. When it arrives on stable release, it will help users protect their login credentials across the internet.

Chrome for Android Adding Check Passwords and Safety Check Security Features

The two security measures are Check Passwords and Safety Check. Although they are manual, they will help people avoid being victimized. Right now, the desktop versions of these tools automatically alerts users to possible login information compromises when visiting any sites that have suffered data breaches. (That might also make its way to the mobile experience.)

At this time, both Check Passwords and Safety Check are in the Canary build of Chrome for Android. So, the tools will have to go through this unstable release, into beta, and finally out to stable roll out. For anyone who’d like to check them out, install Chrome Canary, then enter chrome://flags. Search for “Bulk password check,” select “Enabled,” and restart the browser app.

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