September 22, 2021
Chrome for Android screenshot editor

Curious Entry on Chromium Gerrit Hints at a New Screenshot Editor for Chrome on Android

A new entry on the Chromium Gerrit site strongly indicates there’s some type of screenshot editor for Chrome on Android on its way…

Screenshot editing only made its way to Android in version 9. While the feature isn’t exactly ubiquitous, it has been showing up in more and more places. Currently, screenshot editing is available right through the Google app. And, it might be coming to Chrome for Android soon.

Chrome for Android Screenshot Editor might Soon Show Up

Just recently, XDA Developers stumbled onto some interesting information in the Chromium Gerrit community. An entry simply reads, “Add a feature flag for screenshot work.” Yet another comment reveals that said editor is already under development. 

Although it is in the works right now, it will take some time until there’s a consumer-facing screenshot tool for Chrome on Android. Most likely, the first build will appear in a Canary version of the mobile browser. Then, it might show up in a beta release or show up as a flag.

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