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Chrome is About to Make it a Lot Easier to Log into Online Accounts and Make Payments

Chrome for Android Streamlines Account Logins

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Chrome for Android will soon have a new capability that allows users to login to online accounts and make payments with just a single tap…

Today, more than ever, people have a lot of accounts. That means a plethora of usernames and passwords. While password managers serve as a way to keep track of everything, these aren’t always convenient. Of course, Google has an answer that seeks to help streamline the process. And, it’s designed to work, even if individuals have not opted to synchronize their data between devices.

Chrome for Android Streamlines Account Logins

In the very near future, Chrome for Android will support signing into online accounts based on a single Google account. Basically, when it comes to signing into a site, there’ll be an option to sign in to Chrome with an active Google Account using just a single tap. It will also offer an option to start an Incognito session. Plus, once signed into Chrome, payment details will automatically be filled into the input fields. All that’s needed is verification of the CVC code or biometeric.

Google already features these simplified sign-in and payment options on its desktop browser — at least for US users. Google says that the new tools will become available “over the next couple of months.”

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