August 5, 2022
Chrome OS 101 to Tentatively Introduce a New Dark Mode Boot Screen

Chrome OS 101 Throws some Serious Shade at its Predecessors’ Blinding White Start-Up Screen

Chrome OS 101 is currently under development in the Dev and Canary channels, where code reveals Google is turning its present light boot screen dark…

Chrome OS continues to evolve in a number of ways. For instance, version 98 introduces new virtual desk shortcuts, Network-Based Recovery (NBR), brand new Unicode 14 emoji, screen capture improvements, and more. But successor build 101 is currently being put together behind the scenes, available only to those who venture into the Dev or Canary channels. Inside the experimental version, something interesting is under development a dark-themed startup screen.

Chrome OS 101 to Tentatively Introduce a New Dark Mode Boot Screen

Google is apparently working on bringing dark mode to even more elements of its various products, which now ostensibly include a dark boot screen that replaces the current blinding white one. Although the feature isn’t yet working even in the test builds, the necessary code is partially present. Of course, it will require more work from the operating systems engineers to make it functional, but that should happen in plenty of time for its planned ship date.

Right now, it’s not yet known whether this will be set as a default behavior or must be manly toggled on as a user option. Regardless, it will offer a few benefits, including saving laptop battery life, reduced eye strain, and more continuity across various dark-themed web platforms.

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