September 20, 2022
Chrome OS 81 Canary tests Google Assistant quick answers

Google is Now Experimenting with Assistant Quick Answers in the Latest Chrome OS Canary Release

The most recent Canary version of the Chrome OS platform contains a neat experiment with Google Assistant’s quick answers…

Digital assistants are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. But, these are usually limited to mobile or standalone devices. In order to make the technology more accessible, Google is working on integrating its smart Assistant directly into its Chrome operating system.

Chrome OS Canary 81 Testing Google Assistant Quick Answers

Google is now testing Assistant “quick answers” right inside the latest Chrome OS, Canary version 81. 

This is already familiar in other environments. It surfaces information about a particular piece of text in the right-click menu. Contained in the pop-up are things like answers to questions, word definitions, unit conversions, and more. Plus, it does not require opening a new tab.

Apparently, it’s been around Chrome OS Canary for some time. But, it’s only now beginning to appear in Canary 81 through a flag (chrome://flags/#enable-quick-answers).

As with other previous tests, there’s no guarantee the feature will make its way out to stable release. If it does, it will provide yet another easy-to-access tool that’s really handy to see information on-demand, with very few steps.

Chrome OS Canary 81 Google Assistant quick answer test screenshot
Credit: Chrome Unboxed

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