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Google Applied its Material Design Elements to its Chrome OS Files App in Latest Canary Version

Chrome OS files app Material Design update spotted in Dev and Canary channels

Credit: TalkAndroid

Google is apparently ready to give its Files app on the Chrome operating system the material theme treatment, bringing a more consistent experience…

It’s been some time now since Google first introduced its Material Design or Material Theme elements to the public. Slowly but surely, the tech company has applied it to many of its products, including Drive, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Keep, Flights, Photos, Translate, its Account Switcher, Opinion Rewards, and more. Now, it’s apparently about to arrive in yet another place.

Chrome OS Files App Material Design Update Spotted in Dev and Canary Channels

In the most iteration of the Google Chrome OS or operating system, the Dev and Canary Channels include a noticeable change with its Files app, which now sports the familiar elements. The refresh brings with it all that people have come to expect with the makeover — plenty of white, no more grey backgrounds, along with pill-shaped menu indicators, and more.

Basically, it cleans up the interface, with a less-cluttered look. While some of the elements remain the same, like the icons, quite a bit changes, making it feel just a little more spacious and welcoming. (Also, less confusing, in at least some cases, across the company’s multitude of products.)

Although there’s no official word on when it will make its way to the public, this is a strong indication it’s not too far off.

Credit: Android Police
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