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Google is About to Make Chrome’s PWAs Behave More Like Native Apps on Windows

Chrome PWAs for Windows will Soon Behave like Native Apps

Credit: Bleeping Computer

Google is working to make its Chrome PWAs on Windows act just live native apps, with the ability to remove them through the CPanel or settings…

Progressive web apps are supposed to replace traditional, native apps. Google has been among the biggest proponent of PWAs. In fact, Big G’s Chat desktop application and others, including Twitter’s desktop lite interface. And soon, Chrome’s PWAs for Windows will behave a lot like traditional Windows apps in one key respect: the uninstall process.

Chrome PWAs for Windows will Soon Behave like Native Apps

The change has actually been under development for quite some time now. It’s been behind a placeholder flag. Now, it resides basically in the same place but isn’t yet available in the stable channel. However, when it’s ready, will be accessible to everyone in the not-too-distant future. Once ready, Windows users running Chrome progressive web apps will be able to use the Control Panel or settings to uninstall their PWAs.

This represents yet another step in getting progressive web apps to act more like native apps. Though, PWAs will still have several benefits over their predecessors — such as no need to update, taking up less space, and no true installation onto devices.

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