July 31, 2021
Chrome redirect blocker

The New Chrome Malicious Redirect Blocker won’t Work until April

The forthcoming Chrome redirect blocker, originally slated for version 64, will not be included until version 66, also skipping iteration 65…

Smartphone and tablet users are all too familiar with malicious auto-redirects. Those instances where users are suddenly taken from one page to another. Usually, the landing page sounds a fake virus warning or something similar. This is secretly done by breaking out of frames. Such behaviors have even come to infiltrate Google AdSense.

Chrome Redirect Blocker Delayed until April

Fortunately, Google is working to introduce a solution to stop malicious redirects, which it announced back in November. Unfortunately, it was due to arrive on Chrome 64. But now, it won’t publicly appear until version 66. (It is available in Chrome 64, although it’s turned off by default.)

By mistake, the official changelog included the redirect blocker. But, the bug tracking page reveals what’s happening. The info bar wasn’t implemented on all platforms. So, Google disabled the feature, only days before Chrome 64 rolled out. Although developers planned to release it on version 65, it’s been delayed to version 66. Google expects Chrome 66 to debut in late April.

To enable the feature simply copy and paste the following flag: chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture. (Please note, this isn’t a working link. It must manually be selected and pasted into the Chrome browser.) Once on the flags page, just select “Enabled.” Then, tap on “Relaunch Now.”

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