September 20, 2022
Netflix Chrome 80 incompatibility bug

There just Might be Glitch Affecting Netflix Playback on Chrome Version 80

Since the release of Google Chrome build 80, Netflix playback triggers staggers and static, sometimes resulting in graying out the entire screen…

Google recently released its latest iteration of the Chrome browser after a substantial delay. With it applied to Chrome desktop machines (Chromeboxes) and laptops (Chromebooks), there’s now a playback issue affecting Netflix.

Chrome Version 80 Netflix Playback Compatibility Appears

Originally scheduled for roll out on February 4th, Google Chrome version 80 arrived later than expected. Some of the new features include Module Workers, Optional Chaining, New Origin Trials, and more. (There were also tweaks to Linux, mouse auto-rotation, and a quieter notification UI.)

However, with it is a curious coincidence that only seems to pop-up when signed into Netflix — either while browsing through titles or watching movies and television shows in Chrome 80.

Upon signing into the streaming service, bits of static begin to appear on the screen in brief and inconsistent intervals. The static bars do not seem to degrade the playback image or audio quality. But, definitely interrupt the experience.

In catalog browsing and/or content viewing some sessions, the static overtakes the majority or the entirety of the screen. Occasionally, the machine become unresponsive, with static filling the whole screen, without sound or keyboard and/or mouse input response. (None of the issues persist after signing out of Netflix.)

The same problems do not appear with Disney+ in the Chrome 80 browser, nor do they occur on Google Play Movies and TV. YouTube is also unaffected, along with the Disney Plus app, as well as the Google Play Movies and TV app.

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