May 24, 2022
Chromebook Custom Wallpaper Syncing Under Development

So, Chromebooks are Apparently Borrowing this Popular Feature from… Windows 10?

Google is taking a page from Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system playbook by adding custom wallpaper syncing to Chromebooks…

Google already gives Chromebook and Android users the ability to sync up stock backgrounds. Just pick one from the pre-populated catalog, save it, and it magically appears on all signed-in devices. However, the same trick isn’t available for custom wallpaper. (Although, competitor Microsoft does offer this feature, it remains absent across the Chrome ecosystem. But, that option might soon be coming to Chrome devices.

Chromebook Custom Wallpaper Syncing Under Development

The folks over at Android Police recently discovered a new commit on the Chromium Gerrit showing Google is currently working on syncing custom wallpapers across multiple Chrome devices. It’s apparently early on in the going, as it isn’t even surfacing on any of the test mechanisms in any of the Chrome OS channels. Yet, the commit directly points to adding custom background syncing:

wallpaper: Custom Wallpaper Sync Up

To sync images selected by the user from disk or another custom source,
we need to upload those images to a place where the user's other devices
can reach them. We decided that place is Google Drive. The only caveat
is that this is visible, and uses quota. Mitigate that with a
descriptive directory and file name.
Handling Drive unavailable and sync down situations in follow up cls.

Test: WallpaperController* tests.
Test: By hand, no directory, directory exists, and image exists.
Bug: b/184783318

Change-Id: I33f0b12b6a02dec1d6b8800b6937b7451cbd26d4

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