November 3, 2022
Chromebook Google Assistant

Google Assistant will Come to All Chromebooks in the Canary Channel

A Chromebook Google Assistant combination will come to all devices, first through a Canary channel option and perhaps to stable release…

Currently, the Pixelbook is the only Chrome OS which runs Google Assistant. Although, Google has stated the feature will make it to some other models in the future. However, in August, more evidence surfaced which strongly suggested it would arrive via the Canary channel.

Chromebook Google Assistant coming Soon via Canary Channel

Now, it appears Google Assistant will come to just about every Chrome OS device. Presently, it’s available through a flag in the Canary build (chrome://flags/#enable-native-google-assistant). 

Chrome Story was the first to spot the tool. And, it might arrive on the Dev channel in the not too distant future.

At this time, it’s unknown if Google Assistant will actually come to all Chrome OS devices.

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