January 19, 2022
Cobra Kai season 1 now available without YouTube Premium subscription

Watch the First Season of Cobra Kai, a YouTube Original, for Free, without a Premium Subscription

Google is now making YouTube Originals available to watch, without paying for its Premium version, starting with Cobra Kai, season 1…

Back in May, executives at YouTube confirmed originals would be made available to non-Premium viewers on an ad-supported format.

Cobra Kai Season 1 Now Available without a YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube announced back in November of last year it would remove its paid premium content paywall to offer its original shows on an ad-supported format. 

With more and more entities getting in on the same game, YouTube is shifting its content library to a non-subscription model.

Now, that plan is unfolding. Right now, until September 11th, the first season of Cobra Kai is available for free. The second season will replace it, for a limited time.

When YouTube released the first episode of the spin-off series, it amassed 50 million views, because it was free to watch. But, subsequent episodes and the second season were only accessible for a $12 per month subscription.

Even though all YouTube Originals will be available without paying for Premium access, subscribers will still have key perks. These include watching ad-free and getting immediate access to all episodes of new seasons. Plus, paying members enjoy access to bonus content and directors’ cuts.

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