October 20, 2021
Comcast Amazon Music support

Comcast Subscribers will Soon be Able to Stream Amazon Music on their TVs

Comcast has announced plans to roll out Amazon Music support for its customers, joining Prime Video, which debuted in December…

Comcast customers will soon have the option to stream their Amazon Music playlists over their televisions with their voice remote. The cable provider announced it will integrate the popular music streaming service with Xfinity X1 and Flex platforms over the coming weeks.

Comcast-Amazon Music Support for Subscribers Announced

The new Comcast-Amazon Music support feature comes about eight months after the company integrated Prime Video, in December.

Soon, Amazon Music subscribers and Comcast customers will be able to say, “Amazon Music” to their voice remotes in order to access their playlists.

It’s another streaming benefit which signals the sea-change away from traditional media access and consumption.

Also, it’s more good news for the e-commerce giant, which experienced an increase of 70 percent in subscribership in the last year. That figure outpaced Spotify in the same period.

Amazon Prime subscribers can purchase Amazon Music Unlimited on multiple devices for $8 per month. Additionally, Amazon Prime members already receive basic tier Prime Music access for free, which includes a catalog of 2 million songs.

Amazon Music still lags behind competitor Spotify, with 32 million subscribers, opposed to 100 million for the latter.

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