November 28, 2021
Comcast Home Internet Data Cap Begins January 1st 2021

Comcast Customers will Experience Home Internet Data Caps Come January 1st

Comcast is about to limit home internet usage to 1.2TB, starting Friday, January 1st, charging customers who go over $10 per 50GB…

Anyone who relies on Comcast for home internet service might have to change their browsing habits by the end of next week. On Friday, January 1st, Comcast will impose its new home internet data restrictions, capping usage to 1.2TB. Anything over will cost $10 per 50GB. The change was first announced at the end of November, and there’s also new price increases coming to Comcast television service, as well.

Comcast Home Internet Data Cap Begins January 1st 2021

The higher costs will impact roughly thirty-nine states. For instance, TV customers will pay an additional $2 or the Regional Sports Network fee. But, that certainly isn’t all. Comcast will also raise its Xfinity Home Security and Plus services. (Those will cost $50 and $60, respectively.) However, the company states the hike in home internet won’t impact 95% of its ISP subscribers, because they routinely use less than the 1.2TB limit.

Comcast will also charge more for use of its TV boxes, by as much as $2.50. However, the company will offer a discount of up to $2.45 for TV boxes on additional outlets. That’s not all, though. Installation in-home service visit costs will also go up to $100, an increase of $30 of the current rate. As for on-demand subscriptions, those will cost customers between $1 and $2 more, with all Xfinity Internet packages increasing by $3 more across the board.

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