July 3, 2022
Comcast in a Dispute with Roku over NBCUniversal Channels

Comcast Coercing Roku to Drop Some NBCUniversal Channles (Even though Peacock isn’t Available on Roku)

Comcast could force Roku to drop a number of NBCUniversal channels in an apparent spat over Peacock, which isn’t even offered on Roku yet…

Comcast, parent company of NBCUniversal, is threatening to remove its TV Everywhere channels from Roku devices. This, over a dispute about Roku supporting the new Peacock streaming service, which Roku states is being offered on “unreasonable terms.” Launched in mid-July in the US, Peacock is available on Google, Apple, and Xbox devices. However, it’s still not accessible through Roku, nor is it on Fire TV.

Comcast in a Dispute with Roku over NBCUniversal Channels

NBCU’s distribution deal with the Roku corporation expired last week. Although, Roku did offer to extend the agreement for TV Everywhere channels. This, while the two companies negotiated a deal to also distribute Peacock. But, Comcast reportedly declined the offer. So, it could for Roku to remove TV Everywhere channels this weekend.

If NBCU does pressure Roku to pull those channels, viewers will lose content from Bravo, E!, Syfy, USA, and NBC networks. Still, Roku streamers can still watch NBCU channels through services such as Comcast Xfinity, Charter and AT&T TV apps, along with some internet streaming platforms. A Roku spokesperson explains:

“Comcast is removing  the channels in order to try to force Roku to distribute its new Peacock service on unreasonable terms. While the NBC TV Everywhere apps represent an insignificant amount  of streaming  hours  and revenue on our platform, we believe they are important to those consumers  who use them, especially when so many Americans are at home.”

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