October 1, 2022
Comcast to Raise TV and Internet Prices in 2021

Comcast Customers will Have to Fork Over more Money for their TV and Internet Service Starting Next Year

Comcast will charge more for its TV and internet services next year, plus the company will implement a 1.2TB data cap on broadband usage…

Beginning next year, Comcast will hike its television and internet prices. The increased charges will take effect as soon as January 1st. The higher costs will impact roughly thirty-nine states. For instance, TV customers will pay an additional $2 or the Regional Sports Network fee. But, that certainly isn’t all. Comcast will also raise its Xfinity Home Security and Plus services. (Those will cost $50 and $60, respectively.)

Comcast to Raise TV and Internet Prices in 2021

Comcast will also charge more for use of its TV boxes, by as much as $2.50. However, the company will offer a discount of up to $2.45 for TV boxes on additional outlets. That’s not all, though. Installation in-home service visit costs will also go up to $100, an increase of $30 of the current rate. As for on-demand subscriptions, those will cost customers between $1 and $2 more, with all Xfinity Internet packages increasing by $3 more across the board.

Comcast will also introduce a 1.2TB data cap on broadband usage across all states where it offers its internet service. But, will waive overage fees for the first two months. Thereafter, subscribers who exceed the limit will have to pay $10 for every additional 50GB of data.

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