September 16, 2022
smart tv targeted ads

Big Corporations are Working on a Way to Bring Targeted Ads to Smart TV Owners

Smart TV targeted ads could well soon become an eerie reality, thanks to a group of large corporations who are working on the technology…

Targeted advertising is very familiar to anyone who surfs the web or browses through social media.

Simply look-up a few flights to one destination or do a little research on a particular car and every site visited thereafter contains ads for the same.

It’s an inescapable reality today, except, where advertisers don’t have personalized data. At least, not yet.

Corporations Developing Smart Television Targeted Ads

A group of top media corporations, including Disney, Comcast, NBCUniversal, CBS, and Discovery have announced they are partnering with television manufacturer Vizio. Their combined efforts aim to create a new standard for personalized TV commercials.

Known as “Project OAR” or Open Addressable Ready, the new technology will make it possible for practically any connected TV company to sell targeted advertising during scheduled and on-demand programming.

Of course, the trade off here is ads will prove more useful to brands but also to consumers, who have shown interest in certain products and services. Although, this does raise the issue of data privacy and how much information is shared with third-parties.

(If this sort of behavior sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because Vizio previously settled with the FTC and the state of New Jersey for $2.2 million for selling its customers’ viewing histories to advertisers back in 2017.)

The consortium is already working on a prototype and it’s expected it will roll out as soon as this coming spring.

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