September 20, 2022
COVID-19 and Technology

A Look at COVID 19 and Technology

The relation between COVID-19 or the coronavirus and technology shows how the latter can help fight against the former…

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dealt a big blow to the world economy with rising death cases and economic meltdowns reported all over. However, in some of the worst hit areas such as Wuhan in China, technology has proved to work effectively amidst cases of lock-down.

COVID-19 and Technology

Residents within the city went to social media to solve a problem they had found themselves after authorities locked the city from the rest of the world. Online purchases and supplies increased as residents turned to the Digital Enabled Delivery Systems for their supplies and deliveries. Alibaba’s wide network in China has played a huge role in assisting residents continue with their lives. Currently, it is by a click of a button that one is able to access medical and food supplies.

The online space has proved significant even in the wake of this crisis in China. The e-commerce platform that is supported by numerous smartphone applications has been the go-to option. Millions prefer to make orders on the online platform, and enjoy deliveries.

Most physical shops have currently been closed and accessing food and medicine proves difficult. In the wake of this increasing inconveniences, technology and social media combined prove to support the normalcy in life. Residents are increasing organizing themselves into small online chat groups where a few are send to groceries to make purchases on behalf of their self-quarantine colleagues.