November 2, 2022
crash-prone Android Twitter app released and quick fix issued

Twitter Released a Crash-Prone App for Android and Then Issued a Fix Right After but There Might Still be Bugs

Twitter rolled out an updated version of its Android app which crashed constantly and then followed it with a patch to make it stable…

Social microblog Twitter pushed out an updated Android app, version 8.28 to the public through the Google Play Store earlier today. But, when people performed the update, they experienced crash after crash.

Crash-Prone Android Twitter App Released and Quick Fix Issued

A crash-prone Twitter app hit the internet this morning and users immediately found out it would not work. Twitter released version 8.28 first and then hours later, issued a patch, version 8.28.1 as a fix.

For those who are stuck with the buggy version, or v8.28 for Android, it’s possible to fix it. There are two solutions which seem to work — clear out the mobile application’s data and cache. It should then prompt the latest update to download. Or, uninstall the app and then go to the Google Play Store to install the most recent release.

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