August 3, 2022
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Cross-App Notifications Unite Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram cross-app notifications are currently under testing, unifying the Facebook app family, the social network confirms…

The Facebook app family includes the world’s largest social media platform, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Now, it appears three of the four are coming together in a new cross-app notification test.

Cross-App Notifications Bring Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Together

The possible reason for the notification unification is to boost engagement across the apps by taking away the distractions from one to another. First spotted by social media analyst Mari Smith, the extent of the trial run isn’t yet known.

“We are conducting a very small test to make it easier for people to discover and connect with the people and things they care about. We’re exploring ways to help people switch more easily between their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Credit: TechCrunch

The pop-over cross-app switcher pictured above appears when users with access tap the profile icon located in the top corners of Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram. The icon displays the number of pending notifications from the other apps. When opened, users see their profiles across the three services, as well as a red jewel, denoting unread alerts in the respective apps.

Facebook just announced it is updating its News Feed algorithm to reduce clickbait. The social network also began cracking down on fake live videos

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