January 12, 2022
Cross-Platform Malware Targets Victims over Windows Computers and Android Devices

Multi-Platform Spyware Tracks Victims over both Windows and Android

A recently discovered multi-platform spyware campaign called Chinotto is targeting Android devices and Windows PCs, specifically aimed at certain groups…

Cybersecurity experts are warning the public about a new cross-platform threat actor that can infiltrate both Windows machines and Android devices. Unlike many other types of malicious code, this one has the ability to penetrate different programs, potentially giving cybercriminals access to personal data and more. Worse yet, it might even possess the power to overtake devices and control them from a remote location without the victim even knowing it, as well.

Cross-Platform Malware Targets Victims over Windows Computers, Android Devices

Security experts at Kaspersky have discovered a new strain of malware that is deployed through a widespread campaign. It particularly seems to target North Korean defectors and people reporting on the secret regime. Named Chinotto, the malware was discovered well investigating another security threat and appears to have been first deployed in March of 2020.

Chinotto is spyware that uses spear-phishing to infiltrate victims’ social media profiles and other information, such as email. Once unpackaged, Chinotto takes screenshots and snoops on the victims’ web activities. It is also believed that it can unload a malware payload that is able to steal personal data. Security researchers also think that a form of it is able to give hackers the ability to take over victims’ computers and mobile devices.

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