January 15, 2022
Facebook Fan Club App

Curious Facebook Fan Club App in Development

A new Facebook Fan Club App is lurking inside the Live Video platform, currently under development, aimed at helping influencers…

Within the Live Video platform lies a mysterious new app. Facebook is quietly working on it. And. it’s apparently designed to help influencers boost audience engagement. However, it’s not live yet. What’s more, only a select few currently have access to it. That is, even though there’s already a shortcut to the app in Live Video.

New Facebook Fan Club App in Live Video under Development

The new Facebook Fan Club App allows users to connect a live stream to the Live API. They choose where to broadcast their post on the right-hand column. For those with early access, it’s waiting in the Live Video platform. Navigate to it and click on the “Go Live” button. Select the connection option to feed video externally. The Fan Club feature should appear.

Facebook Fan Club App screenshot
Credit: Facebook / The Next Web

However, even individuals with access might not be able to use it. At this time, it’s visible but does not work. Perhaps there is additional coding required and/or issues the social giant must work out first.

This isn’t the only secretive app Facebook is working on. Back in July, news of Facebook Bonfire, a group chat app, hit. Bonfire began its launch in Denmark and eventually made its way to Android.

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