July 29, 2021
custom Chrome tab wallpapers

Custom Chrome Tab Wallpapers might Soon Appear on the Popular Web Browser

Custom Chrome tab wallpapers for new browser tabs might just become a reality as it now resides as an option, although it isn’t functional yet…

New tabs in Chrome on the web have been a staple for many years on the desktop browser. These are quite minimalistic, with just a Google logo, search box, recent pages, links to Gmail and Images, along with grouped apps shortcuts. In fact, when Google first debuted, people didn’t know exactly how to use it. So, people would click away and Google finally had to add an intellectual property badge to convey that’s all there was to it.

Custom Chrome Tab Wallpapers Spotted in Canary Version

Actually, it took a very long time before Google started populating recently opened pages under the search box. Occasionally, the search giant will insert a link to its store to promote an upcoming product. But, that’s about all. Well, until now.

The latest version of Google Chrome Canary includes a “Customize background” option, which appears at the bottom right in the form of a gear icon. In Chrome Canary¬†64-bit v69.0.3451.0, this button shows up with no indication.

Clicking it reveals a new option labeled “Chrome wallpapers.” These are a collection of dressings which are striking but not surprisingly, similar to Google Wallpapers on Android. Additionally, there’s a refresh tool, as well.

Unfortunately, to spite the appearance of these, the feature doesn’t yet work. However, this might well make it to the beta version and finally to the stable release for all to use. But, then again, there is no guarantee Google will tweak it and roll it out.