October 28, 2021
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Customer Service Reps See what Consumers Type, as it’s Typed, in Real-Time during Chat Sessions

Turns out, customer service chat sessions give company representatives previews of what consumers type, as the type it, in real-time…

This is somewhat disturbing, although not at all surprising. It seems when customers go online to interact with companies, the representatives receive “previews” of what’s being typed, as it’s being typed. In other words, customer keystrokes are transmitted in real-time, before they even hit the send button.

Customer Service Chat Representatives get Real-Time Typing Responses

In a recent chat session with a mattress company, a customer saved a transcript of the encounter. During the chat, the customer service representative actually responds to the patron’s messages, even though they had not yet been sent. 

After a time, the customer began to figure out the company rep could see what’s being typed before it’s sent over. So, the customer asked, “can you see the messages I’m typing before I send them?”

The company agent responded, “We get a preview :)” To which, the customer replies, “…that doesn’t seem right to me.” The agent then explains, “Gives us a little bit of extra time to look up information :)”

Because of this experience, the customer did a bit of research, finding different companies which produce such technology. Some boast the ability to see what customers are typing before it’s sent over.

However, this isn’t exactly a new corporate practice. Over a decade ago, news reports informed American consumers their wait periods on customer service calls were, in fact, recorded, not just the conversations. One such news report revealed these wait time recordings captured arguments between spouses, parents disciplining children, and even pet owners correcting their four-legged friends.

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