October 2, 2022
Cybersecurity Experts Uncover Two Dozen Fleeceware Apps on the Google Play Store

Delete these Android Apps Right Now or Risk Getting Financially Fleeced by Deceptive Practices

Security researchers have discovered another two dozen Android apps on the Google Play Store containing very costly fleeceware…

There are a number of types of malware out there. So, Google and Apple have a lot to keep up with to keep their app stores free of malicious code. Despite their efforts, like Google Play Protect, and other security protocols, bad software nevertheless gets through on a fairly regular basis. (Just recently, a security firm found a Play Store vulnerability that let hackers siphon off users’ private data.)

Cybersecurity Experts Uncover Two Dozen Fleeceware Apps on the Google Play Store

Nefarious actors usually conceal their scams deep in the code to avoid detection. Fortunately, security experts also work to uncover schemes like banking trojans or ransomware. Now, some of those professionals have found two dozen apps on the Google Play Store containing expensive fleeceware. That is to say, apps that perform mundane tasks that are usually free from legitimate sources but come with very high cost from thieves.

The cybersecurity firm has already alerted Google to the presence of these twenty-plus fleeceware apps. Subsequently, “all but a few” have been removed from the Play Store. While that will protect consumers from unwittingly falling prey going forward, it does nothing for those who have already downloaded the bad programs. Here are the fleeceware apps to delete right now before becoming a victim:

  • File Converter & JPEG Converter
  • Recover deleted photos, Photo backup
  • Screen recorder: Game recorder
  • Photo grid mixer : Insta grid & photogrid
  • Search by Image: Image Search – Smart Search
  • Dynamic Wallpaper
  • Gametris Wallpaper
  • Tell Shortvideo
  • Fontmoji
  • Video Magician
  • Xstar: Sleep and Mindfu – Apps on Google Play
  • Palmistry Astrology
  • Futurescope
  • Fortune Mirror
  • Prank Call Free Lite
  • Fake Chat Conversation – Prank
  • Old Me
  • My Replica 2: Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike
  • Live GO Map 2020 for Poke Radar
  • IV GO Calculator for Poke GO Genie
  • Hy G File Scanner
  • Montage
  • Zynoa Wallpaper
  • Futurescope

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