November 6, 2022
Cybersecurity Experts Warn LinkedIn Members about Fake Job Listings

Beware that Dream Job Listing on LinkedIn because It could be a Scam

LinkedIn is rife with bogus job listings, cybersecurity experts warn, after creating fake employment posts under genuine company profiles…

LinkedIn currently boasts over 740 million members worldwide. That’s more than enough to be irresistible to scammers looking to exploit the site. Harman Singh, a security expert and managing consultant at security company Cyphere, has revealed it’s absolutely possible to create fake job listings on behalf of virtually any legitimate company with a genuine presence on LinkedIn.

Cybersecurity Experts Warn LinkedIn Members about Fake Job Listings

Singh says just about anyone can post a bogus job listing under a real company’s profile. What’s more, these fraudulent posts appear authentic. Moreover, while there is no shortage of fake job listings on LinkedIn, the majority are likely from bogus recruiter accounts. This project demonstrates it’s totally possible to post phony job openings under the banner of legitimate companies.

Of course, the purpose of posting fraudulent job listings is to lure unsuspecting people into applying. And, that means giving up personal details, which is obviously what the schemers are out for in the first place. If someone is fooled into divulging private information, it presents an opportunity for cybercriminals to engage in nefarious actions, like identity theft and more unlawful activities.

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