July 29, 2021

These 25 Seemingly Innocent Apps Actually Steal Facebook Login Info so Delete them Right Now

There are twenty-five mobile apps that have been removed from the digital storefront, after being found to contain Facebook-hacking malware…

Google just removed twenty-five Android apps from the Play Store. This, after French cybersecurity firm Evina discovered the software contained malware able to hack into Facebook accounts. So, it’s time to go through the app drawer or library in order to delete the malicious applications.

Cybersecurity Firm Evina Discovers 25 Android Apps Containing Facebook Hacking Malware

Like many before them, these apps masquerade as innocuous programs, such as flashlight tools, games, junk file cleaners, wallpapers, weather forecasts, along with other mundane functions. But, that’s merely a disguise to hide their true purpose, which is to steal Facebook login credentials.

Here’s how the scheme works. The nefarious apps scan a device to detect whether or not the Facebook app is open in the background. If running, the malware would then sneak a fake Facebook login page into the social media app’s window. This prompts users to fill in their login information, which is copied and sent to a remote server.

Since their discovery, Google has taken them off the Play Store and the remote server collecting the stolen information has been shut down. But, that means people still need to delete them from their mobile devices. Here’s the list of apps Evina found to contain Facebook hacking malware:

list of Android apps containing Facebook hacking malware
Credit: Evina

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