September 24, 2022
Cydia Joins Antitrust Lawsuit against Apple

Jailbreak App Store, Cydia, Joins Anti-Competition Lawsuit against Apple

Cydia, once a prominent destination for jailbroken Apple mobile applications, is now suing the tech giant for alleged monopolistic practices…

The original apps store for jailbroken iPhones, Cydia, has joined several companies and regulators in targeting Apple over antitrust concerns. The company filed a lawsuit last week, accusing Apple of “anti-competitive acquisition and maintenance of an illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution.” Basically, the plaintiff asserts that if Apple did not exercise exclusivity, users would “be able to choose how and where to locate and obtain iOS apps, and developers would be able to use the iOS app distributor of their choice.”

Cydia Joins Antitrust Lawsuit against Apple

Apple rejects the lawsuit’s claims and says that it does not maintain a monopoly. The company first launched the App Store back in 2008, the year after Cydia came on the scene. The unofficial store allows owners of jailbroken iPhones and iPads to download apps and add new features Apple hasn’t necessarily approved. Over time, Apple has made jailbreaking its devices much more difficult, effectively shrinking Cydia’s presence.

A number of high-profile entities, including such names as Epic Games, Spotify, Match Group, Tile, and more, have entered into an agreement to help one another fight Google and Apple over the two tech giants’ app store policies. The companies have created a new group, The Coalition for App Fairness, that seeks to give large and small developers a voice about app marketplace rules.

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