November 2, 2022
Cydia Store shut down

Cydia Shuts Down its Jailbroken iPhone Apps Store a Week ahead of Schedule

The Cydia Store shut down comes a week early, in response to a security hole, which sped up the partial close out of the digital app download portal…

Jailbroken iPhone owners have few places to find mobile apps tech giant Apple wouldn’t allow in its proprietary store. One alternative was the now defunct Cydia Store.

Cydia Store Partial Shutdown Announced for Jailbroken iPhone Apps

Creator Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) built it out for this precise purpose — for people to find apps which didn’t pass muster with Apple. But, this repository isn’t continuing on, even to its scheduled end date. (The planned shut down originally landed at the end of this month.)

Unfortunately, a recently¬† discover security flaw sped up its death. Basically, the security hole allowed let users buy app through other people’s accounts. That is, if the victims were logged in and browsing through the catalog.¬†

However, existing purchases will still work and repositories remain available for download. Plus, the community itself will still exist. After all, a substantial number of jailbroken phone owners are still out there, albeit one that’s in decline.

Moreover, as Apple continues to improve its offerings and crackdown more heavily on the practice, there’s less and less reason to go the jailbreak route.

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